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Fbt Vn2000 Stereo System Speakers & Pa


FBT VN2000 Stereo System


These FBT Packages have been pre compiled for your conveinience, jaw dropping sound quality and industry leading reliability.

The VN 2000 system comprises of 2 x FBT VENTIS 206A mid high speakers and 2 x FBT SUBLINE 112SA subwoofers.

Also boasting some impressive total figures such as 3200 watts of power and a DB output of 131/133 db and a 5 year extended warranty.

Poles and link cables are included in the price, cases available as an option.

The FBT VENTIS range offers powerful DSP with 6 versatile presets. Crafted by expert FBT engineers, the presets offer a performance for every requirement.
ORIGINAL / LIVE - The renowned, smooth FBT sound
VOCAL - A special EQ setting to maximise speech intelligibility
DJ - Designed to keep the energy high and your audience dancing
TOURING - The reliability and the roar of the industry’s most popular touring systems
LOUDNESS - The ultimate preset for listening at a medium or low volume
WARM - A special setting to emphasise full-bodied, low-mid frequencies.

Ventis 206A FEATURES
2-way, bi-amplified, bass reflex design
Biamped: 700W RMS LF and 200W RMS HF power amplifiers in Class D for LF and in Class H/AB for HF
Digital Signal Processor with graphic display
15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure and internal bracing
High efficiency switch mode power supply
Control Panel features balanced XLR/Jack input, XLR LINK OUT, 2 x Volume, RCA Stereo input, DSP display with rotative encoder and push
2x165mm (6.5”) LF woofer with 38mm (1.5”) voice coil, custom made for FBT
25mm (1”) exit throat B&C HF compression driver with 36mm (1.4”) voice coil
Frequency response from 70Hz to 20 kHz
70°H x 50°V Constant Directivity Rotatable Horn
Wall bracket mount thread, 35mm (1 3/8”) top-hat
One integrated handle
12mm (0.47”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure and internal bracing

Power cord:     5m
Net Dimension (WxHxD):     190 x 560 x 260mm
Net Weight:     12.3kg
Transport Dimension (WxHxD):     290 x 660 x 360mm
Transport Weight:     14.3kg
Configuration:     2 Way
Built in amplifier:     900w (700w LF + 200w HF)
Built in amplifier peak:     1800w (1400w LF + 400w HF)
Frequency Response:     70Hz - 20kHz -6dB
Low Frequency Woofer:     2x 6.5"
High Frequency driver:     1"
Maximum SPL continuous/peak:     124/131dB
Dispersion (HxV):     70° x 50° rotatable
Input Impedance:     22kOhm
AC power requirements:     640VA
Input Connector:     XLR/Jack Combo socket with XLR link out, RCA stereo input

The SUBline series has been completely redesigned and consists of 112SA, 115SA, 118SA, 218SA active and 118S and 218S passive subwoofer models, all bass-reflex , built in birch plywood and aimed to extend the low frequency response to a wide range of FBT speaker systems.

Created with the aim to maximize SPL/SIZE ratio, they have Class D amplifiers, switch mode power supply and Digital Signal Processor with presets to match any other FBT speaker.
With IN/OUT stereo connectors, it is possible to use only one subwoofer with Left and Right speakers

Optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles and tour-grade plywood cabinets allow an easy transport.

Bass-reflex design with high SPL and punch
320mm (12”) high excursion magnet woofer with 75mm (3”) voice coil
Frequency response from 40Hz to 140Hz
New amplifier engineered and manufactured by FBT, 700W RMS LF in Class D
Digital Signal processor with 8 presets, 2 equalization with 2 LPF Crossover settings, cardioid configuration
Control panel with Stereo XLR in/outs, Volume, EQ presets, 8 steps Delay from 0.25m to 3.5m, Phase Reversal Switch 0°-180°, 3 status LED indicators
15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure with internal bracing
M20 (20mm) top mount speaker stand socket and two aluminum ergonomic FBT handles

Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 700 W RMS
Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 1400 W
Frequency response: 42Hz - 140Hz -6dB
Low Frequency woofer: 12 - 2.5 coil mm
Maximum SPL cont/peak: 129/133 half-space dB
Dispersion: omnidirectional HxV
Input impedance: 22 Kohm
Crossover Frequency: 90 or 140Hz KHz
AC Power requirements: 640 VA
Input connector: stereo XLR with loop, HP out
Power cord: 5/16.4 m
Net Dimension (WxHxD):     430x447x480 / 16.9x21.5x18.9 mm
Net Weight: 23kg
Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 530x547x580 / 20.9x21.5x22.8 mm
Transport Weight: 27kg

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