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FBT X-Pro 10A Active Speaker


FBT X-Pro 10A Active Speaker


No matter whether you’re performing on stage, delivering a business presentation or designing the highest quality fixed installation, you want to leave an indelible mark on your audience. That’s when FBT’s new X-PRO series of powered speakers can help you make a difference. Constructed out of plywood enclosures finished with extra-texture paint, the X-PRO series is cut to withstand tour-tough conditions with Italian elegance and style. Professional features include ergonomic handles, M10 flying points, a monitor taper design, and a full protective grille. Meanwhile the on-board Class D amplifier module delivers an amazing 1000W power with a flexible DSP to allow personal EQ adjustments, while the low frequency response can be extended courtesy of the dedicated X-SUB 18 inch powered subwoofer. Designed to satisfy the most demanding applications, X-PRO is the professional’s choice.

Plywood cabinet with anti-scratch coating and internal ply reinforcement Custom FBT Speakers with high linear excursion capability and efficiency Compression driver with 25mm (1”) throat and 35mm (1.4”) voice coil 1000W, 2-channel amplifier in Class D for LF and in Class AB for HF with a high dynamics response for a pleasant sound at high volume. Universal switching mode power supply 100-240VAC DSP with 4 EQ presets designed to tailor the sound of the speaker to various applications and installation environments Advanced algorithms for filtering and equalization which alter the dynamics of the low frequency energy according to the selected preset, allowing distortion-free high SPL performance Control panel with XLR input and link out , 6.3mm jack stereo input with volume , stereo RCA input with volume , XLR output selector coupled with stereo / mono , HP filter on / off, mic / line, DSP preset selector Integrated mixer with two stereo channels , one channel mic / line input and an output coupled XLR mono / stereo to revive the other channel of the stereo signal to another speaker. Handles , M10 rigging points for suspended installation, 35mm stand socket and 35° or 45° monitor taper, all included to make the speaker adaptable to any application Constant directivity horn which can be rotated to vary the speaker’s angle of coverage The presence of 4 presets managed by DSP allows you to modify the response of the speaker in a much more accurate way compared to standard tone controls. In addition, each preset has been designed and optimized in an anechoic chamber to deliver the best possible performance for each application. ORIGINAL / LIVE: The ideal preset for live sound reinforcement FLOOR / VOCAL: A preset to transform your X-PRO cabinet for use as a stage monitor or for vocals CLUB: A special preset to deliver a rich, deep bass response that stays easy on listener’s ears DJ: A preset designed to bring out the best in electronic dance music All three contain 1-inch HF sections with 1.4-inch voice coils ---------------------------------------------------------------- **SPECS** Processed Active Speaker 1000W - 126dB SPL HF 200W - LF 800W 2-way bass-reflex active speaker Class D + AB power amps with total 1000W, 126dB SPL 10" woofer, 1.4" compression driver 90°H x 60°V horn DSP with 4 x EQ presets Universal swicthing mode power supply 100-240VAC Integrated mixer with 2 stereo channels 4 x M10 suspension points Integrated handles. Dimensions 375mm x 610mm x 375mm Weight 13.5kg

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