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HK Audio Lucas Nano 600 Portable PA System

HK Audio

HK Audio Lucas Nano 600 Portable PA System


The world's first crossover PA, LUCAS NANO 600 may be deployed either as a space-saving mono column or as a stereo system with remarkably detailed spatial resolution.

In addition, two LUCAS NANO 600s can be paired to create a more powerful PA. This flexibility makes LUCAS NANO 600 a superior alternative to conventional fullrange cabinets and columnar speaker systems for many applications.

Packed with breakthrough technologies, this PA delivers peerless audio performance you won't find in any other system as small as this. Take, for example, the MultiCell Transformer. This innovative highlight helps maximize sound pressure gain, improve directivity and minimize high-frequency distortion.

With the benefit of sophisticated simulation technology, our engineers were able to construct a lightweight subwoofer housing with the bass response of a heavy wood enclosure.
LUCAS NANO 600 offers everything musicians and DJs need to get the audience's groove on, serving up crystal-clear sound and slamming beats for up to 200 people.

Extremely compact and light, yet extraordinarily powerful: with the world’s first crossover PA, HK Audio is setting new standards for portable PA Systems.

Crossover means the bringing together of the various advantages different speaker formats offer. The superior, far-reaching high frequencies you’d expect from a high-quality fullrange cabinet. The elegant and space-saving appearance of a column system. And the powerful bass of a hefty subwoofer housed in a wooden cabinet. All at the sensationally low weight of 16.3kg.

This is made possible thanks to a bunch of innovative technologies. Like the Multicell Transformer (MCT), which delivers the quality performance of a large high-frequency horn at a fraction of the size. What’s more, the MCT guarantees the acoustically flawless coupling (Coherent Wavefront Stacking) of the two satellites in a mono column format. Then there’s the ingenious Anti-Resonance Bracing (ARB), which ensures that the subwoofer uncompromisingly converts every single watt of power into pure low-end energy. The practically minded and comprehensively appointed input section makes a separate mixer superfluous in the vast majority of cases.

And one absolutely unique factor: depending on the task at hand, LUCAS NANO 600 can be used as a slim mono column or as a compact satellites/subwoofer system. Or, simply combine two mono columns to experience the first ever “big” PA system that can be transported in two hands.

LUCAS NANO 600 System
Product Class    Mono System / 2.1 system
Frequency response +/- 3 dB    43 Hz - 20 kHz
Power Rating    460 W (300 W + 2x 80 W) Class D (EIA)
Active protection circuits    MulitBand limiter, Subsonic filter, Thermo protection, Overload protection
Inputs    3x XLR Combo, RCA/Mini jack 3,5mm, Link In for Twin Stereo Mode
Outputs    Speaker Out, Easy-Click, Rec Out,Link Out for Twin Stereo Mode
Special Features    5 channel mixer (3 mono + 1 stereo resp.. 1 mono + 2 stereo channels)
Enclosure    Surface-coated Polypropylene
Optional accessories    Stereo Stand Add-on, Mono Stand Add-on, Roller Bag, Desk/Wall Mount Add-on, Link cable
Weight    16,3 kg / 36 lbs.
Nano 600 Satellite
Max SPL    119 dB (Single Satellite),
124 dB (Satellite Array)@10%THD, half space
Max SPL peak    124 dB (Single Satellite),
130 dB (Satellite Array)@10%THD, half space
Frequency response +/- 3 dB    190 Hz - 20 kHz
Mid/High Speaker    4,5"
HF Driver    1"
HF horn    HK Audio Multicell transformer
Mid/high unit dispersion pattern, horizontal/vertical    90° x +10/-45° (Single Satellite),
90° x 30° (Satellite Array)
Pole mount    3/8" thread
Dimensions (WxHxD)    14,5 x 14,5 x 13,5 cm
Weight    1,2 kg / 2,6 lbs.
Nano 600 Subwoofer
Max SPL    120 dB@10%THD, half space
Max SPL peak    123 dB@10%THD, half space
Frequency response +/- 3 dB    43 Hz - 190 Hz
LF Speaker    10"
Pole mount    M20
Dimensions (WxHxD)    35 x 49 x 47 cm
Weight    13,9 kg / 30,8 lbs.

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