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JTS US 9001D Radio Mic System


JTS US 9001D Radio Mic System


This CHANNEL 70 LICENCE FREE microphone is one of the best mics we have seen in a long time. The sound and pick-up of it is absolutely fantastic, and the build quality is superb. JTS have thought up some brilliant ideas for this mic. There is a frequency readout on the bottom, and the head of the mic just unscrews so that it can be easily replaced. The carry case, mic clip and detachable bottoms are all included in the price. This really is the Rolls Royce of microphones. Single Transmitter operation. PLL synthesized technology with 193 selectable UHF channels. True diversity technology prevents RF dropouts. Equipped with S.A.W. filter for interference free operation. Built-in Mute, Noise and tone-key squelch. “Lock-on” mode avoids accidental changes of frequency, sensitivity and power-off. Equipped with both XLR balanced and Ø6.3mm unbalanced outputs. Tuned antennas for the most stable RF reception. Compact half rack space design with all metal receiver housing.

US-9001D Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz S/N Ratio > 105dB T.H.D <0.6%@1KHz Display LCD Display Contents Frequency, Antenna A/B, Mute Display, RF/AF Level Meter, Battery Fuel Gauge Controls Power On/Off, Frequency Up/Down, Frequency Scan, Audio Level, Lock-on Audio Output Level -12dB AF Output Impedance 600O Squelch Pilot Tone, Noise and Mute Operation Voltage 12-18 VDC, 200mA Output Connector 1 XLR Balanced Socket 1 Ø6.3mm Unbalanced phone jack Dimension(m/m) 212mm (W)* 40mm (H)* 137mm (D) * Mh-8900i Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz RF Outputs 10mW Stability ±10KHz Frequency Deviatio ±48KHz LCD Display Frequency, Battery Fuel Gauge, Sensitivity Controls Power On/Off, Mode Setting, AF Level, Frequency Up/Down, Lock-on Mode Spurious Emissions

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