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JTS US - 903 DC Pro UHF Dual Mic System


JTS US - 903 DC Pro UHF Dual Mic System


The JTS US-903DC system is a professional dual channel diversity system, with two handheld microphones, the receiver has two balanced XLR outputs and a built-in battery charger compartment. Why Channel 38? - well its all thanks to the DSO (The Digital Switchover) which takes place in 2012 (after the Olympics) and will have a major effect on users. Most notably, we will lose the use of Channel 69. All equipment tuned to this band will become unusable (you can try and use it if you like, but the signal will be totally swamped by digital TV so you`ll be unlikely to get anything but interference. Channel 70 is De regulated and License free so the entire space between 863.1 - 864.9 MHz is free. However this bandwidth is very narrow and at best you will get 3 to 4 mics to work on channel 70. Any more than this and the mics will overlap each other and interfere with each other. So if you’re looking to use 4 or more radio systems at once then you do need to move to the wider bandwidth on Channel 38.
##US-9030DC Pro## Dual transmitter operation. Diversity technology prevents dropouts in the RF link. Noise mute and pilot tone squelch. Adjustable squelch level. LCD display with frequency, mute, RF and AF levels. Equipped with both XLR balanced and 6.3mm unb. Frequency Preparation: Crystal Carrier Frequency Range: 606-630 MHz Frequency Stability: 10KHz S/N Ratio: 105dB T.H.D. <0.6% at 1KHz Display: LCD Display Contents: Frequency, Antenna A/B, RF/AF Level Meter Controls: Power On/Off, Squelch Level, Audio Level Audio Output Level: -12dB AF Output Impedance: 600O Squelch, Pilot Tone, Noise and Mute Operation Voltage: US-9020D Pro: 12-18 VDC, 350mA US-9030DC Pro: 12-18 VDC, 900mA Output Connector: 2 Balanced XLR Sockets 1 Unbalanced 6.3mm Phone jack Dimension (m/m): 420mm (W) 44mm (H) 232mm (D) ###Mh-8000i### ?Operation in the UHF range. ?Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response. ?Advanced circuit design for excellent sound quality. ?Interchangeable capsule module design for convenient replacement. ?Internal antenna design. ?Available in condenser or dynamic capsule. ?LED display for power and low battery. Frequency Preparation: Crystal Carrier Frequency Range: 606 - 630 MHz RF Outputs: 10mW Stability: 10KHz Frequency Deviation: 48KHz LED Display: Low Battery, Power On/Off Controls: Power On/Off Spurious Emissions:

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