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Laserworld CS-1000RGB Speed Edition


Laserworld CS-1000RGB Speed Edition

£699.00 £1,399.00

Special offer  Now with half price Showeditor software and foc ILDA cable.

More and more requested is the Club Series, as it is the entry to professional laser control - but prices are at very low level. So many club owners decide to go for these systems. All devices can be controlled by DMX, ILDA or even through auto and music mode. Due to that various applications are possible and the units can also be handled by non-professionals easily. All single and multi color/whitelight RGB laser systems are also available as speed-edition which is equipped with super fast scanners and Advanced Scan Fail Safety.

These strong full color laser set a new level in price and in quality: Strong 445nm royal blue color, great red and a multitude of brilliant colors - that's what characterizes the new full color CS units best. Now avalible with up to 2W RGB power. Computer controllable over ILDA as well as DMX, auto and sound control capabilities.le and compact aluminium housing.

Technical specifications
minimum maximum
total power: 750mW 1000mW
power green: >50mW/532nm
power red: >250mW/650nm
power green: >450mW/445nm
laser: diode DPSS Laser
laser class: 4
control mode: auto, music, DMX, ILDA
scanner: Galvo system, 50kpps
scan angle: +/-40° max.
beam: ca. 3mm/2mrad
basic patterns: ca. 200 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
accessories: power cable, manual
power supply: 85V - 250V AC
power consumption: 50W
dimensions: 330/310/170 mm (L/W/H)
weight: 7.5kgA

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