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LiteConsole XPRS DJ Booth


LiteConsole XPRS DJ Booth


The Liteconsole XPRS is sleeker and sturdier than its predecessor; this professional DJ platform has taken a giant leap into exceptional design and build quality. No nuts and bolts are needed to get the XPRS set up, just unfold and slot the parts together. Taking only a few minutes to assemble, this will give you more time to interact with the crowd and play a sensational set. With translucent Perspex side and front panels provided, these can be accentuated with effect lights to really show off the stylish design of the XPRS and make your stage presence all the more unforgettable. The Liteconsole XPRS is suitable for all performance situations whether you’re a DJ or musician looking for ultimate stage presence or any corporate events, AV presentations, exhibitions or conferences that need a professional presentation platform. Worried about transporting your new Liteconsole XPRS? Don’t be. Each design comfortably converts to flat pack size so you can just pop it into your car and you’re away! Each Liteconsole comes with a partitioned canvas bag set for easy transport. For heavy ‘on the road’ users or those wanting extra support and durability, the Liteconsole UDG bag is the perfect option. The Liteconsole XPRS comes complete with 3 pre-formed moulded shelves which give you tons of room for turntables, CDJ’s, mixers, controllers and samplers, plus, with inbuilt cable pockets to run and hide all your cables you won’t be getting tangled up with crossed wires. For those wanting total control over the unique look of their Liteconsole XPRS, there are options to powder coat the frame in either white or black. **XPRS Assembly** The booth is assembled by unfolding the frame, attaching the support pole (if required), placing the bottom and primary shelves in place, and then the front acrylic panel. Next the angled shelf, the acrylic side panels and kick plate are added. The final stage of assembly is hooking the fascia panel over the front of the unit. The entire process takes one person less than five minutes! For those looking to utilise visuals as a part of their performance, the central front space of the console can accommodate a 50? plasma screen using a free-standing bracket. Want to make your XPRS stand out even more? A lighting gantry is available to fully complement your console with enough space to rig your favourite lighting effects. With adjustable height, simply attach to the sides of the XPRS at the desired level. The horizontal design is set back to ensure perfect stability and comes in three finishes; natural aluminium, black or white, to match your XPRS perfectly.
**What’s in the box?** 1x XPRS Folding Frame 1x Brace Support 1x Top Shelf (Approx. 120cm x 37cm) 1x Main Shelf (Approx. 120cm x 83cm) 1x Bottom Shelf (Approx. 120cm x 65cm) 1x Aluminium Front Plate 1x Kick Plate 1x Perspex Front Panel 2x Perspex Side Panels 1x Canvas Bag Set --------------------------------------------------- **Dimensions (unfolded):** Width approx. 133cm Height approx. 115cm Depth at top approx. 95cm Depth at base. 66cm --------------------------------------------------- **Dimensions (folded):** Depth approx. 16cm Width at top approx. 90cm Width at bottom approx. 66cm

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