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"No Fly" Zone on Karaoke

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If you are not aware there has been a lot of changes in the licensing of Karaoke recently, most recently the “NO FLY” restrictions that are brought in on CDG Albums this week, “NO FLY” is a group of artists, song writers and publishers who have refused for their tracks to be produced on pre complied CDG Karaoke Disc Albums under the current licence. Please find attached the current NO FLY list.

this ban only affects production of new and past albums with those artists on them.
The discs you have already bought are unaffected, you can still use them as normal.

We can also sell what is left on our shelves (which thankfully there is a lot), but if you have any gaps in your collection or need to replace any worn or damaged discs then time is short as once they are gone, they are gone!
As you can imagine this is very frustrating to us as a business too as Karaoke has always been our passion and Monthly Hits discs have been the industry standard for us for nearly 30 years, some of you have been buying these discs for that long or longer.
This deals another nasty blow to our industry and we hope something can be done about it, if we get any further information we will let you know.

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