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Recording Studio

Come and check out our high end Vocal Recording Studio,  for singers of all standards to come and record their very own CD. Whether it be a bit of fun or a demo CD for professional singers or up & coming pop stars.

The studio is based in Normandy near Guildford.

Treat someone you love with our fantastic Session Music Recording Studio Experience gift vouchers. There are vouchers available for all 4 different Recording Studio sessions, just give the recipient the voucher and let them arrange with us a time to come and complete their recording session.

For more information or to make a booking, just contact us on
01483 811137 or email

We have state of the art recording equipment with amazing features that will ensure the best quality recording possible.

Our professional engineers will help you every step of the way with your vocals and make sure they get the best out of you! Then edit the track to make it sound perfect.

You can bring your own backing track CD’s or choose a track from our catalogue, which consists of thousands of top quality backing tracks. If you decide to use a track from our catalogue, we have a screen in the vocal booth that will display the song lyrics in time with the music to help you along. If you don’t have a copy of the track you want to sing at the time of booking, we will send you a copy so that you can practice at home ready for the recording session.

Not only that, we have a gorgeous waiting room with comfy sofa’s, refreshments and even a pool table so your friends & family can come and enjoy the experience with you!

You will leave the recording session with not one, but three copies of your very own CD. We can organise personalised disc descriptions printed on the top side of the disc if required at a small extra cost.Our prices are extremely competitive compare to other professional recording studios, especially as we offer so much more than normal recording studio’s.We have also undertaken many forms of spoken word recording, from voice-overs for advertisements to hypnotherapy and pain management self-help CD's to in-game narration and voices for computer games.

We can also add suitable royalty-free background music if required.
The main vocal booth is a dry recording environment, ideal for singing / spoken word and consists of large diaphragm condenser microphone for un matched quality and depth.

Increasingly, we are doing more "audio diary" work for people wanting to record their thoughts, memories and feelings to give to loved ones. This can be scripted or un-scripted but some notes can certainly help the flow. We also can cater for personal audio greetings, pod casts, company hold messages and much more.

We can also have custom made backing tracks produced with backing vocals removed or changed for bespoke special performances with or without graphics included. Please contact us for prices

Choose from : 2 hour, 4 hour 1 day or Evening sessions.