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Outdoor Lighting



From subtle outdoor lighting for gardens, housing exteriors and water features to bold statement effects and event hire packages. Talk to our experienced team about created an impact in your garden, home or venue.

 Creating Impact

From enhancing the planting in a private or commercial garden or creating impact around a swimming pool or decking or providing exterior lighting to make a water feature or property standout, our expert designers can help create the desired effect you need.

Outdoor Lighting 

Our highly skilled technicians will work with you to create a subtle and natural enhancement to the planting in your garden or a more bold statement. Each project is different and has its quirks, we pride ourselves in problem-solving and working with owners and contractors for a successful outcome.

Outdoor Lighting Hire

Ask us about our popular LED (IP rated) effects that can transform your home or venue today for a special event or party. Hire packages start from £99.

Please see our dedicated Installations website HERE.

For Lighting Hire please visit our dedicated website HERE.