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FBT Vertus CLA604A Powered Speaker


FBT Vertus CLA604A Powered Speaker


VERTUS CLA was created with the thought of integrating professional line array technology in an extremely compact and elegant speaker column. Compared to the traditional two-way speakers, the sound is distributed much more evenly throughout the audience, both in outdoor and in indoor environments acoustically dif?cult or reverberating as well. The CLA cylindrical wave front boasts the pleasant effect of present and precise forwardly projected sound. Even acoustic feedback towards microphones is reduced. VERTUS CLA is a light and compact modular line array system created for both live and ?xed installations, comprised by two products: - CLA 604a: bi-amp two-way active column speakers 400 + 100W RMS - CLA 208Sa: active subwoofer 600W RMS CLA604a is an extruded aluminum column speaker ?tted with 6 x 4” custom woofers and 4 x 1” dome tweeters, each coupled to a wave guide. The internal Class D ampli?cation, 400W for woofers and 100W for tweeters with switch mode power supply and DSP processor with 4 equalization presets provide unexpected dynamics in a system of these dimensions. The rapid latching system with pins allows for the expansion of the system, doubling-up CLA608a modules to form a uni?ed column with an absolute and coherent source integration and increase of SPL and low-frequency directivity control.

Extruded-aluminium powder-coated cabinets. Superior as well as inferior latching system, enables the extension of the length of the line array adding CLA604A modules for a greater modularity of the system Possibility to angle the columns of +/- 30 degrees on a horizontal plane Ideal for both live applications, assisted by the CLA 208SA active subwoofer, as well as for fixed installation Easily expandable for a total power of 6600W (stereo system composed of 3 x CLA608A and 3 x CLA208SA) Very light and easy to carry High-level sound quality from 50Hz to 20kHz expressly developed for live performance Long distance sound projection and better SPL distribution towards the audience Great and dynamic power performance thanks to tri-ampli?cation system Lightweight and easy to carry Design and elegance for an easy integration even in the most demanding installations Very compact dimensions enable the listener to concentrate on sound and not on speakers! High horizontal dispersion Con?guration 2-way Built-in ampli?er cont. rms LF/HF W 350/80 Built-in ampli?er max. rms LF/HF W 400/100 Built-in ampli?er max. peak LF/HF W 800/200 Frequency response @-6dB 130Hz - 20KHz Low frequency woofer inch 6 x 4” - 1” coil High frequency driver inch 4 x 1” - 1” coil Maximum SPL cont/peak dB 122 / 125 Dispersion H x V 100° x 20° Input impedance kOhm 22 Crossover frequency kHz 2.5 AC Power requirements VA 450 Input connectors XLR with loop Power cord m/inch 5 / 16.4 Net dimensions (WxHxD) mm 130x841x130 Net weight kg 9 Transport dimensions (WxHxD) mm 220x930x220 Transport weight kg/lb 11.5 / 25.35

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