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Novopro BBS1B Bass Bin Scrim Kit Black


Novopro BBS1B Bass Bin Scrim Kit Black


Your speakers are paramount in providing sound at every event where you perform…Many party-goers however, feel that your speakers make great tables for their drinks. Silently and without confrontation, deter drinkers from using your expensive speakers for drinks placement with the Novopro BBS1 scrims. This fully adjustable bass bin scrim kit protects your speaker from unwanted drinks being placed on them; protecting the inside electronics, wiring, and drivers, as well as keeping your speakers external surface clean and free from ‘drink-rings’ and stains. Available as either the BBS1W, with white scrims for illumination and creative effects or as the BBS1B, the black scrimed version, giving the complete blackout look. See related Products at bottom of page for White version. The metal framed bracket attaches to the mid-high pole mount and is supplied with 2 different lengths of telescopic extenders. This allows a universal fitment to most 12” to 18” driver sized bass bins where the pole mount is positioned in or near the centre of the bass bin. So, if you have a number of different speakers, which you use for different types of event, or different sizes of venue, your BBS1 kit can be adjusted to protect many different sizes of Bass Cabinet. Speaker Pole mount sizes are normally 35mm or 38mm diameter, and the BBS1 will fit pole mounts from 28mm to a maximum of 42mm in diameter for maximum versatility – Fits bass bins that are between 39cm to 80cm wide and 39cm to 80cm deep that have the pole mount in or near the centre of the cabinet. Please check your pole mount position and pole mount size before purchase. The top of the BBS1 scrim attaches onto the supplied velcro pads that fit onto the pole mount, underneath your mid-high speaker (a cable-tie can be used for extra support on extended heights). The bottom of the scrim fits around the metal frame, using the stitched-in pockets. Novopro BBS1 scrims are treated with a fire retardant finish (which must be re-applied after hand or machine washing) and come with a convenient drawstring carry bag.
1 x base 1 x scrim 3 x rubber pad 3 x velcro 4 x leg tube 35cm 4 x leg tube 15cm 1 x bag

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